Other Criminal Defense

Aggressive and Versatile Criminal Defense

In addition to the defense services that Mr. Runfola offers against charges of drug crimes, white collar crimes, violent crimes, and immigration-related crimes, he also supports his clients in a number of areas that do not fit easily into those larger categories. These other services include:

Pre-arrest representation: Legal support for those who believe they may be charged with crime in the future. By taking preemptive legal “steps”, it is often possible to avoid being charged or face less severe charges.

Grand Jury Representation: “Advocacy” for those who have been subpoenaed by a grand jury, whether it be as a witness, subject or target.

Weapons offenses: The presence of a weapon can significantly increase the penalty for any crime, and even everyday items like cutlery, tools and sports equipment might be considered a weapon by prosecutors. California has the most restrictive and harsh gun laws in the nation, weapons which are legal in 42 other states are felonies in California. Mr. Runfola works with a retired law enforcement gun expert to develop defenses for those charged with weapon offenses. Common items such as cutlery, hunting knives, tools and sports equipment might be considered a weapon by prosecutors.

Property Crimes and Theft Charges: Defense for charges from petty theft to grand larceny.

Juvenile Offense: Criminal defense tailored to the unique rules of California’s juvenile justice system and the accused minor.

Restraining Orders: Our office can help you seek relief, regain access to your home and custody of your children.

Post-conviction relief: A conviction is not the end of a case. Appealing a conviction to a higher court can result in a conviction being overturned or a sentence reduced. Additionally, criminal convictions can be expunged or dismissed.

DUI and Vehicular Crimes: Punishment for DUI offenses can range from no time in custody to years in prison and lifetime revocation of a person’s driving privilege, technical defenses, the use of accident reconstruction experts, experienced toxicologists and pharmacologist are employed when defending our clients.

  • Pre-arrest representation
  • Grand jury representation
  • Weapons offenses
  • Property Crimes and Theft charges
  • Juvenile Offenses
  • Restraining orders
  • Post-conviction relief
  • DUI and Vehicular crimes

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