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A juvenile's future can be greatly undermined by a criminal record, as well as how he or she is treated during the criminal proceedings.

At the Law Office of John M. Runfola, we are fierce advocates for our young clients. We represent minors for all crimes that may be alleged against them, and before they are interviewed by law enforcement or probation officers. We take a strategic approach to a juvenile case that often involves other members of the family. We seek to address not only the charges themselves but also the underlying problems that may extend beyond the specific charge.

Contact our law office in San Francisco for a free consultation with juvenile defense attorney John M. Runfola about your child's case. We represent juvenile clients who have been accused of all types of crimes, including the following:

  • Assault
  • Homicide
  • Drug offenses


Families should not expect that the minor will be handled gently by the system because of his or her age. In California, juvenile courts differ significantly from adult courts. Their complicated rules and procedures can add additional levels of anxiety. We take the time to explain those rules and procedures to our clients and their families, to demystify the system and reduce that anxiety.

A recent trend has been to charge minors as adults. We marshal all resources and arguments to keep a child from being prosecuted and punished as an adult. Given the stakes, we apply the same aggressiveness to a juvenile case as our other cases, seeking to reduce or dismiss charges, suppress illegally obtained evidence, and attempt to negotiate a fair settlement or win at trial.

We also recognize the crucial importance of the sentencing hearing should there be a conviction, as judges have considerable discretion in handing out punishments. We bring the credibility and knowledge we have developed over 30 years to each hearing. We work to ensure each minor receives the best result possible for his or her case.


You can begin discussing a case with us by calling 415-391-4243 or by contacting our law office online. Juvenile defense lawyer M. John Runfola represents clients in San Francisco, Oakland, and the San Jose area. 

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