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Successful Criminal Defense for More than 35 Years

For over 35 years, John Runfola has represented clients in virtually every type of criminal case, ranging from federal white collar prosecutions to a high-profile prosecution involving an international drug trafficking ring.

While we have taken countless cases through to trial, we help clients navigate the criminal justice system at every stage, beginning even before they are charged, continuing with motions and settlement negotiations, and through trial and appeal when necessary. Whether you are charged with homicide or mortgage fraud, our goal is always the same: to achieve the best possible resolution to your case through an aggressive defense.

We regularly work with experienced forensic experts, lab technicians, weapons experts, toxicologists, hand-writing experts, investigators, and countless specialists when developing our clients' cases. We expose how prosecutors and investigators work, the limitations they face in terms of resources and manpower, and the shortcuts they take to try and obtain a conviction.